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Specialising in exhausts, tyres, and batteries, our professional team provide outstanding services to every client. Based in Great Barr, Birmingham, the experts at MOT Testing Services are the first choice for many when it comes to exhaust repairs, new tyres, and professional advice. Our tyres cover everything from budget to branded options and we even offer puncture repairs, re-tracking, and more. Call us now to find out more about what we can do.

Exhaust Problems

The exhaust system is one of the most important components on your vehicle. The exhaust is there to direct harmful fumes and gases away from the interior of your vehicle, make sure your vehicle is fuel efficient and convert harmful gases into inert gases before pushing these out of the vehicle. 

Having issues with your exhaust can lead to numerous problems, such as reduced fuel efficiency, increase exhaust noises and fumes. Failure of the exhaust can be the result of accidental damage, general wear and tear or from faulty components. This can lead to blown gaskets and broken mountings.

Exhaust Issues to Look For

If you notice any of the following issues, then your exhaust my need repairing or part replacing.


  • Reduced Fuel Efficiency

  • Decrease in Accelartion

  • Smell of Burning from the Engine

  • Increase of Noise from Exhaust or Engine

  • Rattling Noises

  • Exhaust Pipe Hanging Loose

  • Rust or Corrosion on Exhaust Pipe


If you have been having trouble starting your vehicle, or you have been experiencing problems with the dashboard lights and electrical issues, then it probably means your vehicles battery needs replacing. 

Our technicians will test the battery, checking the voltage and the overall condition of the battery. If your battery needs replacing then we will advise you on the right type of battery that is needed for your vehicle.


Tyres are also one of the most important items on your vehicle. If your vehicle is not handling the road very well in wet conditions, or the tread on your tyres are lower than the minimal depth of 1.6mm, then your tyres will need replacing.

Contact the team at MOT Testing Services today to book an appointment. They will discuss with you the right type of tyres for both your vehicle and your budget. They will then fit the tyres for you and check all of the pressures to make sure your vehicle is roadworthy.

Need a New Exhaust?

From exhaust repairs to new tyres, our professional team can do it all!

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